Government Market Development

Are your sales efforts focused on your current clients and you need new business partners? Extrn offers to help find potential clients for you among government buyers. Many companies are reluctant to contact this hard and demanding clientele. Rules regarding relationships between buyers and suppliers are restrictive but do not stop your company from making itself known.

In the world of government contracts, things do not play out the same as they do in the private sector and we recognize these differences. The approach must be methodical to ensure good results. The cost of our exclusive services are approximately one fifth (1/5) of that of a sales professional but will produce about 50% of your results. This provides big savings for a company trying to obtain new clients. In addition, seeing as Extrn is not one of your employees, our loyalty is guaranteed.

  • We will draw up a list of the buyers who should be contacted (by email and by telephone)
  • We will sign you up to supplier lists to get you invited to bid on smaller contracts or obtain direct contracts with buyers.
  • To allow you to perform follow-ups with the interested buyers and plan your future actions, we will supply you with reports
Read more and see an example of a trimestrial report.

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