Curated Tenders in Your Inbox. Daily.

“With EXTRN, we spend our time winning contracts instead of looking for relevant tenders.”

– S. G., Bid Coordinator

How it Works


EXTRN is Not Another Search Engine.

Focus on winning bids instead of spending time looking for opportunities.

With hundreds of sites to monitor for RFPs, RFSOs and RFIs, it’s time consuming, frustrating and a real headache to find all the information you need to decide if a RFP is for you.

Relevant opportunities are hidden amongst hundreds of other tenders. They’re poorly structured, titles don’t always mean much, you spend your day digging to know if an opportunity is a good match for your business.

More so, some sites have incomplete information because they just repost bids from their original site.

EXTRN is a service combining proprietary technology and a team of Experts that screen 300+ tender sites for YOU.

EXTRN – Best Tender Screening Service

How Extrn Works


The EXTRN team searches for bids your business is interested in, based on the preferences you provided.


EXTRN’s proprietary technology monitors 300+ sites and alerts the team when a new matching opportunity is posted.


EXTRN extracts the bids’ essential details (requirements, pricing, scope, links, images, etc.).


EXTRN notifies you daily. Its Online Dashboard gives you access to the summaries, links, images for each relevant opportunity.


You quickly know which ones to respond to, or assign to your teams using EXTRN tools.

Win Contracts with Your Team

EXTRN Collaboration Tools

User friendly platform

Share notes with your team

Stay on top with alerts

Keep track of schedules

Fine tune your preferences with the rating system

Share opportunities with your team

Keep your tenders organized

Convenient export feature with links

Find past opportunities

More Than 300 Monitored Sites!


Relevant tenders used to be like a needle in a haystack. With EXTRN, we spend our time winning contracts instead of looking for tenders.

– Serge G., Bid Coordinator

EXTRN serves me tenders on a silver platter. I get all the information I need in one screen to quickly decide if we’ll bid or not on these curated RFPs.

– Paul. T., Sales Manager

EXTRN just makes it so much easier. Richard and his team are like an X-Ray machine to find the best opportunities for our business.

–Jean B., CEO

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EXTRN is a subscription service tailored to your requirements.

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