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Bellow are some articles Extrn has put together to help you know how to best use your new tools. Short videos explain everything alongside a written version of the article.

Email Address Policy

May 2022, Extrn policy regarding the emails for the accounts receiving its services.  This policy applies to all Extrn...

The Extrn Emails

In addition to the Extrn Platform website, Extrn sends you a daily email efficiently showing the opportunities that were found...

The Extrn Opportunity Page

The last page between Extrn and a refered publication is the Opportunity page. This page will provide details that Extrn...

The Extrn Platform

The Extrn platform is an integral part of the Extrn. Knowing how to use it to its full potential will allow you see the real...

The Favorites Tab

The Extrn Platform's Favorites tab is your workspace. Its purpose is to allow you to work on opportunities directly from the...

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