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May 2022,

Extrn policy regarding the emails for the accounts receiving its services.  This policy applies to all Extrn accounts.



This Policy Is Part of Extrn Terms.


Only company e-mail addresses with the name and company domain name will be allowed in Extrn accounts.  Generic names and domains are not allowed (ex: Gmail and Hotmail).


  • Information security is compromised when using a generic address
  • Extrn is a personalized service and will only work with identifiable individuals
  • Usage terms from aggregator services like Merx and Séao require Extrn to only distribute their contents with individuals, and not broadcasting them. Generic e-mail addresses are not attached to an individual name and does not comply and satisfy the regulations.
  • The Extrn platform is meant to be used by individuals; a generic user undermines the platform’s proper usage and functioning
  • Generic addresses creates many security issues.
    • Possibility of unauthorized forwarding, which may be hard or impossible to retrace
    • Inadequate automated redirection rules making Extrn’s services appear like spam or be flagged erroneously
    • Former employees may keep receiving emails as generic addresses are never removed like an employee address.

Extrn does not allow adding generic addresses to its services and will progressively eliminate such existing addresses on its platform for the good of the BUSINESSES subscribed to its services.


Richard Chénier

Extrn direction

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