The Extrn Platform’s Favorites tab is your workspace. Its purpose is to allow you to work on opportunities directly from the Platform. The tab has a few tools that aim to help you quickly understand what’s going on just by glancing at the page.

Click on the favorites tab, on the right of the all tab, on the platform to access the favorites.

This tab gives you access to a few tools that will help you work more efficiently within the Extrn platform.

The “Favorites” tab on the Extrn platform is almost identical to the All tab.

However, this tab has a few simple functions that will help you keep your opportunities organized within the Extrn platform.


Use the Favorites tab to maximise your efficiency.


To add a copy of an opportunity to the favorites, simply click and drag one onto the tab. From the opportunity page, you may also use the “add to favorites” checkbox.


Only the opportunities added manually to the favorites by your team will show up in the tab. Additionally, the name of the person that favorited an opportunity, as well as the date they did, will be shown.

To remove an opportunity from the favorites tab, in order to keep it organized, simply click and drag the opportunity onto the All tab, or, uncheck the box in the opportunity page. That being said, be careful: any member of your team can remove an opportunity from favorites, or add one. Therefore, please come to an agreement with your team members regarding the usage favorites tab.


In addition to keeping organized the few opportunities that are truly important for you, the favorites tab has another very useful function: the “Due Date”.


Add any important date to an opportunity to highlight it for all users. In the favorites tab, the date will be shown either in green, yellow, or red.

  • Green means that there are more than 10 days left before the due date.

  • Yellow means there’s less than 10; and,

  • Red means the due date has passed.

Lastly, quick reminder that you can export the Extrn platform to Excel. If you export from the favorites tab, only the opportunities marked as favorites will be exported.