Niagara Falls


Extrn searches for tenders from Niagara Falls

Extrn monitors tenders from Niagara Falls in Ontario and refers the most relevant ones to you.

Extrn Inc. performs daily monitoring of Canadian public tender websites and sends the interesting opportunities to its clients.

Whenever Niagara Falls publishes a contract opportunity interesting for your company, Extrn will send it to you in a very personalized manner with supporting documents and excerpts that will indicate why the tender is relevant. These excerpts might include bid forms, technical details or product lists and quantities. We send you what you need to know to quickly start preparing and writing your proposal.

Extrn is the best service to help you find and bid on opportunities from Niagara Falls because we know this site by heart as we visit it each day. We know how and when to access it to get all the newly published tenders. In addition to supplying you with the tender, we give you the link to return to the source page to view the information yourself.

Certain tender websites can be set up to automatically send you notices according to a list of keywords or categories. This is not always free or efficient and in some cases becomes useless when certain words or categories pick up multiple tenders that are in no way interesting for your company. Also, since the keywords and categories must be exact matches, everything depends on the original categorisation done by the buyer. Any mistake on their part can result in you missing an important tender.

Unfortunately, many people only adjust and edit their keyword list after having missed one or more opportunities. Extrn is not simply a keyword search engine. We eliminate this problem by doing the research manually. We read each new tender opportunity daily and send you the relevant ones. A feedback system between Extrn and its clients then allows you to indicate your appreciation level for each tender and adjust your search criteria throughout your subscription period.

We will soon be adding the following to this page :

  • Tips and tricks to help you work with and get contracts from the Niagara Falls website.
  • A visual overview of the Niagara Falls website and how to get to the tender posting page.
  • Instructions on how to sign up and order the official tender documents.
  • Things to know like special events, regulation documents, TIPs (Triennial Investment Plans) etc.

Best service to help you bid

Extrn is the best service to help you bid successfully because we know the tender sites by heart and visit them every day. We know how and when to access them to tap into newly published opportunities. In addition to the RFP notice, we provide the link to get back to the sites yourself.

Other services send you all tenders even if they are not relevant to you

Some sites allow automatic search of tenders. It's not always free or effective, and in some cases it becomes useless when one word or category brings up too many opportunities unrelated to your business. You end up with a multitude of emails and since keywords prevail, all this depends on the proper cataloging done by the buyers and only the reviews with specific keywords will come out. Summarized: you’ll lose relevant opportunities and time.

Extrn is much more than keyword search.

Unfortunately, with keyword research, many wait until they miss a tender before adding keywords to their list. Extrn is not just a keyword research service. We are eliminating this problem because researchers are doing this work manually. They read each opportunity one by one and assign you the relevant ones. A feedback system between Extrn and its customers then allows you to use how well it works so we can adjust the criteria in real time.

Efforts for us, contracts for you :

Stop searching for tenders, Extrn does it for you.

Extrn searches for you every day among the hundreds of new opportunities. The researcher then scans the quotes for information to present you first such as bid slips, budgets and other crucial details that will help you to quickly qualify the opportunity as soon as it appears on the site.


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