The results to expect from Extrn



To begin with, any enterprise makes the necessary efforts to preserve its markets and is then always looking to expand said markets, first locally, then further away like in a different province or country, if possible.


There are many opportunities, but few good opportunities

Throughout all the opportunities a company may look at, it will bid on those that offer the greatest profits, that target the right markets, and where competition can be beaten.

In this scope, Extrn is the tool that allows a company to find all the opportunities that match its services and/or products offering; Extrn is a tool to find bids for the right market. It’s up to the company to decide which ones are worth pursuing.

The bidding process is expensive, many only go after contracts they know well and give themselves little leeway for new types of opportunities. You need to be careful when choosing opportunities and figure out the bottom line based on reports from your sales efforts. Here again, Extrn and its platform offers tools to keep track of opportunities related to your market, which in turn makes creating said reports much easier.

    Ven diagram for categorizing an opportunity
    • Current call for offers: Every day, Extrn goes through 310 Canadian websites manually to find opportunities for you, some of which are very hard to identify, let alone to find with merely keywords. From what Extrn sends you, you can start to look into those of greatest interest. To make this process faster, Extrn will also sometimes attach additional information to make the purpose and scope of an opportunity as clear as possible.


    • Future opportunities: Standing offers, repeating contracts, large projects/P3. All businesses and their markets have “future contracts”. Often, they will require preparations such as qualifications, security clearances and other such procedures. With Extrn, you will be able to identify all of these future contracts and with tools like long-term reminders, you will also be able to plan ahead adequately.


    • Concluded contracts: Séao from Quebec allows searching concluded contracts of any kind. In the rest of Canada, however, these are harder to find or simply not listed. Extrn will also refer you these concluded contracts should we find some matching your market.

    With these, you can contact the buyers and ask to be invited for future invite-only bids, among other things. You may also research competition trends like prices, frequency of bids, seasonal activity, or size of individual bids.


    How to Evaluate Extrn’s Services


    Extrn offers a lot of information to your business about past, present and future opportunities. If the expected efforts are deployed on your company’s side, we hope you’ll reach the following objectives:

    • See more opportunities and more clients
    • Bid more often
    • Be better organized and prepared for upcoming or future contracts
    • Assess various things about your market and competition from reports based on opportunities.

    After a year of service, we expect that your business will have progressed on all of these points, provided enough time and effort was put into it.