The last page between Extrn and a refered publication is the Opportunity page. This page will provide details that Extrn manually extracted from the publication just for you. Like the rest of the platform, the objective of this interface is to help you work better, this time by putting all the important information at the same place and presenting it an a manner that’s easy fast to understand.

Access the opportunity page by clicking an opportunity from the All tab or the Favorites tab. This page will allow you to see all details extracted by Extrn and access the original publication with all its associated documents and information.


When Extrn does its daily research to refer you opportunities, often, we will dig into the documents to find infromation that will make the actual purpose of a call for offer very clear for example.


There is also a tools menu on the left, which contains a few very powerful tools, which are all available to you.

Open any opportunity from Extrn by clicking on it’s title.


The Extrn Opportunity page is the most important page for us. If you open it, it means we did our job well. But Extrn doesn’t stop at referring you these opportunities. To help you understand faster if an opportunity is for you, Extrn will dig through the official documents to find important information so that YOU don’t have to comb through all the document just to know what the opportunity is about. Sometime, the text will say something but the tender documents, a whole different story. When Extrn finds useful information, you can see it on the opportunity page. You learn about the opportunity with Extrn, but pursue the rest on your own with the original publication website.


The original publications may get updated. You should always check the original website if an opportunity interests you in the slightest in order to get the most up to date information.


Pricing schedule, budgets and mandatory requirements will be shown as images and you can click on them to see them larger. These excerpts help you in understanding details from the tender documents that Extrn has already went through for you. This information is not extracted to resume anything, but rather to point out specific information related to the contract to help you.



You can access the original publication by clicking on the link at the top of the page, or, when there is one, on the static image of the publication’s webpage. Extrn tries to show you a preview of the opportunity’s original page, but depending on the origin of the opportunity, the page shown might be: a static image, a copy-paste of the publication, or nothing at all if we aren’t able to adequately show it.



Sometimes, an Extrn researcher might attach a comment to a referred opportunity. Most often, this will be a question related to the referred material. If it is a question or if you’d like to clarify something, you can answer by clicking the “Answer” button under the comment.


You may also send feedback to Extrn by using the “Assign a score” tool from the tools menu. Although this voting system also appears in the “All” tab, using the tool from the opportunity page allows you to write a note to clarify your vote. Extrn doesn’t expect detailed feedback on every opportunity, but if it is warranted, it is **your duty to use this tool to clarify your needs**! Extrn cannot be aware of everything and your feedback helps a lot.


As a reminder, you can click the FR or EN button to change the language of your personal interface.


To go back to the main page of the Extrn platform, click on “Go to the platform”, or simply close the tab in your browser.