The Extrn tools help you managing your opportunities.


When you access the opportunity page, the Tools menu is on the left of the page. These tools have the sole objective of helping you work more efficiently. Actually, probably more efficiently than you’re used to.


How many times did you think “if only I had the time, I would have sent this contract to my sub-contractor so they could prepare something”, or “I should’ve prepared myself for the 2-years renewa to be ready in advance.”

  • All the years Extrn has spent serving businesses has thought us that:

  • The sales team likes being prepared in advance

  • Management likes to assign and distribute tasks to their most appropriate ressources

  • Sales management wants a calendar of all important contract renewals, which is up to date and sufficiently detailed to win over the competition


See how the Extrn Tools work and how to use them efficiently. They have been made following detailed feedback from our clients, so you can be sure they’ll be as useful to you.


What’s important is to develop your markets through the use of contracts, important information, and your intuition. Extrn gives you the tools to allow you to put all of those things together in an efficient and easy to use way.

This 3 minutes video will show you all the tools in action. Watch it and share it with your team to help them in understanding their tools better too. Your business will certainly benefit from it!

The tools menu appears on the left of every opportunity page.


Send this offer:

Send an offer to one or multiple email addresses. The emails are sent by an automated system. It’s possible to send a message in one of the two official languages. Easily communicate with anyone, whilst also taking advantage of the images and details that Extrn provides. This will allow you to share the most important information of an opportunity efficiently, and is an excelent way to develop your business relations.


Leave me a note:

Stop writing important notes about an opportunity in an email or on a piece of paper that’ll get lost easily. The critical moment where you gather information to decide whether to bid or not requires a lot of organisation, loosing an important note could get expensive. The “Leave me a note” tool allows you to keep all of you notes with the opportunity details. Your team’s notes will also be visible to you, as well as your notes to them. This tool acts like a small forum for each opportunity. It’s an excellent tool for efficient teamwork.

Schedule an alert:

You can now easily create a task on your Outlook or iCloud calendars for an important date in relation to an opportunity. Take the following situation, for example: “I talk with Mr. McBoat: he said to call back in 3 months and to ask for Ms. Erwin for the new budget.” This example might be familiar to you since this situation is relatively common. The alert scheduling tool from Extrn allows you to easily prepare in advance and always be up to date with current opportunities (appreciated by Sales) as well as the upcomming ones (appreciated by Management).


Add to favorites and Add a due date:

Whilst we’re at it, easily set aside an opportunity worth considering and assign a due date or an important date to it. The Favorites tab will show it and will allow every other users to see it too. All the tools provided by Extrn are made to be easy to use, the favorites and due date functions are the same and take only a few seconds to use. Also like the other tools, they will greatly help you.


Assign a score:

Consider Extrn like a coworker: you feedback helps a lot. Give a score and a reason for it using this tool. Extrn will use it to better understand your services. Giving feedback will benefit your entire company.

Above is how an email from “Send this offer” looks like for the recipient. The email is written in the language chosen, and your message sent with it is clearly visible. Additionally, your company name is shown at the top right. Your communications will always look ellegant when going through Extrn.