The Extrn platform is an integral part of the Extrn. Knowing how to use it to its full potential will allow you see the real value of our service.


This support article will quickly present to you the basic functions the platform has to offer. For more details on a specific feature, refer to the corresponding support page.

The Extrn platform is the Extrn service. Following our conception philosophy, all that’s on the platform has a single objective: allowing you to work efficiently with no compromise whatsoever.


Being an integral part of the Extrn service, it is essential to understand how to use it.

The opportunities that Extrn refers you are shown in the All tab. Each opportunity will show a snapshot of information before oppening it in the opportunity page: the title and a few details.


Often, Extrn will manually extract additional information for the sole purpose of clarifying the opportunity, for you.

Each opportunity can be clicked to see the attached details and the original publication.


Additionally, each opportunity has a field called Your Notes, and a space to give feedback to Extrn.


Other functionalities, like the Favorites tab, allow you to do even more with the Extrn platform.

Finally, the Extrn platform has a few simpler tools, like a search bar and an option to export your opportunities list to Excel. In addition, the Opportunity page has its own set of tools.


You have the possibility of working with the opportunities Extrn has referred you in whichever way is convenient for you.