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In addition to the Extrn Platform website, Extrn sends you a daily email efficiently showing the opportunities that were found for you. We know it is important to show you the important information and releavant details quickly. An snapshot of these important details (not just the first sentence of the details section) is put at the forefront. This text is selected manually by Extrn to show you what’s really important; the text that’s actually going to help you.


When the text from an opportunity posting is still insufficient, Extrn’s researcher may dive into the attached documents in search of information that will help better understand what it’s all about. Pricing sections, requirements lists, budgets; you’ll get a full briefing in a snap.


The “daily email” (see first image bellow) is sent to you every weekday, but only if there’s something for you on that day. If Extrn didn’t find anything relevant to  you, there wont be a daily email coming in. At all time however, you may check your Extrn Platform, the which is updated in real time with Extrn’s work. If you fear you’ve missed an email, go look at your platform; it’s much more reliable than email communications.


Each email daily email will begin by showing you how many opportunities you recieved today as well as your service subscription renewal date. The daily email will then list all opportunities you recieved today with some of the details Extrn attached to it. Next are the last 3 opportunities you haven’t read yet.


You can click on the “See the offer” button to open the opportunity’s details page. From this page, you can also click “Go to the platform” to see all of your recent opportunities

The daily email is delivered early in the morning, but  Extrn’s researchers may continue past this point. The opportunities referred after the daily email is sent will be sent by email the next day, but you can see Extrn’s work in REAL TIME by going to the Extrn Platform.

There’s nothing worst than missing an opportunity because you didn’t have the time to read it or missed it by accident. The recap report email allows you to catch up to everything that’s been happening before it’s too late.


To maximise each opportunity’s visibility, Extrn created this report to show you the last two week of activity with some details.

A graph is automatically generated and shows the opportunities that were referred and those which were read. You can hence see if you are reading most of Extrn’s material or not.


How can you use all of this?

Click on the title of whatever interests you. Using the tools, you can send an opportunity to someone, create a note, or even create a task for you or someone on your team. Extrn gives you these tools to allow you to make the most out of the opportunities referred to you.

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